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You remember when your mom used to get mad at you (maybe she still does)? What was the worst thing she could say? …. “I’m not happy with you son!” Nah. “Don’t talk back to me!” Nah. Use your full name in a sentence? “Joseph Andrew Williams get your ass over here!” Nope. The worst was always “Joseph … I’m disappointed in you.” It’s true, this was the worst. Mom had reached a point to where she could not be angry, sad or upset. She was just disappointed, knowing well enough that you were better than what your actions displayed. Why do I bring this up? Well, lately this is how I have been feeling about our leaders in Washington. Disappointed that we have not seen what it is we are doing wrong and attempting to correct it. Instead we are continuing to go down a path we know could be wrong because we are attempting to save face or out of ignorance or both. Please note that I said we, since this is our country and our government and our mess. There are many issues at hand, not just Iraq. But the two that see being the largest and most widespread are not scandalous in anyway nor are they economic or political. The two biggest issues with our government are the complacency and conformity of this country’s citizens. But like most things one causes the other and this is no exception. The complacency and conformity that we see in our leaders is allowed by us. If we demanded more from our leaders they would have to oblige considering we put them there. It is our government not theirs. As the cliche goes “Think outside the box”, have our leaders do the same. And never settle for something/someone that is good enough especially when it effects everyday life for everyone around you. Your mom expects your best, at the very least we can expect more from our leaders.


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