Joe Williams home
Ok, this is an oldy but a goodie, the New Yorker. I had been living in St Louis for about a month, actually a month to the day. It was the post Thanksgiving weekend and friends were in town. A friend from cycling, Mike, called me up and wanted to get a drink after work. Being in the tech industry working for a small company I had to work on the biggest shopping day of the year, not that I would shop. But it seemed like a good excuse not to work. Getting off at 10:30pm I headed home and gave Mike a call. We planned to meet at the HiPointe Bar around the corner from my apartment. I arrived early and got a Newcastle. Waiting for Mike I wandered around and watch the patrons drink and be merry. Upon Mikes arrival I welcome him at the front door and we converse like no time has passed. He also introduces me to his friends, Randy and Brian. Both of them being completely wasted. Mike and I catch up and the other two proceed to become more inebriated. At one point they come back with a pitcher they apparently stole from someone. Brian hid it in his coat and they went calmly walked outside to hammer it unnoticed. Upon their return Randy gets another beer and ends up talking to a two girls at the bar. He made a good wing man, attempting to set one of them up with Mike. We walk over and introduce ourselves. "Liz" ... "Meg" Then Meg popped the question "what do you guys do?" Mike and his friends say "we are still students", I got the luxury of saying "I'm a computer engineer." She tells Mike "Get out of that chair! Joe has a real job." Soon Mike and the guys decide to head to the east side strip clubs, I opt not to go. She asks why, I respond "I think they are degrading, they just rub me the wrong way." Meg says "Awww, that's cute." As it turns out she is working in New York doing fundraising for artists and actors. Her friend is a grad student at Northwestern. Similar to Mike and I when they are in town they hang out and catch up. The three of us have fairly stimulating conversation until last call when we exchange phone numbers and go on our way. The next day starts as a usual Saturday should, 9am ride with the team. I tell my good friend Dan about the night before. I told him that if they call we should go out. He reluctantly obliges. That evening I give Meg a call and leave a voice mail. She calls back an hour later, we make plans to meet at Ciceros. We meet and I introduce Dan to them. Upon sitting down they pop the question "what do you do Dan?" This is a bad subject for Dan, since he does have a job. Not wanting to be dishonest he responds "I manage personal financial portfolios." As a good wing man should, he kept Liz busy while I worked on Meg. We talk about cycling, life, work, the Belgian beer I was drinking and Lance Armstrong and how he's a jerk for leaving his wife and kids. Eventually, we explain that Dan and I know each other from cycling and racing. As usual they don't have a clue and suggest that Meg's brother in law is doing a have a race tomorrow. It ended up actually being a group ride. Nearing the end of the night, Meg looks at me and says "You need to find us a place to make out." I think to myself, "holy shit, I like when women are forward." I respond, "I'll see what I can do." She replies "I was thinking that bathroom over there but that's kind of obvious." I say, "No problem, I will think of something." I am actually thinking, "where the hell can we go?" The bartender screams "Last Call" and I get up to pay my tab. She leans into Dan and asks "Did I scare your friend off?" He replies "No, I doubt it." "Are you sure?" "Yeah, he's good." "Oh, Ok." I return and talk a bit more and give her a little caress on the leg. She gives me a huge smile and teases me with her eyes. Soon we get up to leave, she follows me out. I hold the door for her and once closed we take a couple steps and we being to make out on the sidewalk in front of Ciceros. She then stops to move her glasses, cute pseudo intellectual glasses, to the top of her head, while backing up against the window. She pulls me in and We begin kissing again. I pull out a couple of time honored moves, the lip nibble, the firm hair grab and the under shirt love handle squeeze. After a couple minutes we walk on, hand in hand. We meet Dan and Liz at their car and we go on our separate ways. I never see her again.
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