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Check out the article here. Can I believe what I read on the internet? If you like those strange 9/11 conspiracy theory sites you might dig this.
Bay Area Roadway Collapse Was Actually Cyclist Terrorism, Sources Say My secure phone has been buzzing with disturbing tips undermining the official story about the Sunday morning inferno that brought down a key Bay Area highway connection ramp near the Bay Bridge. In fact, the official story is a lie, something THREAT LEVEL wanted to break open on its own, but an intrepid blogger has already leaked some of the key info at, where tough questions like "Did Arnold Know?" and "Were incendiary devices planted in the retaining walls?" are already being asked. There is, however, disturbing misinformation at that site. The destruction of the bridge is, in truth, clearly the work of rogue cyclists intent on destabilizing the Homeland and the Middle East by reducing demand for oil. Just two days earlier, the San Francisco Chronicle gossip reporters got wind that a coalition of rogue cyclists known as Critical Mass was going to riot in the streets AGAIN. Once the cyclists got wind their plan was foiled, they pretended to hold a peaceful parade, but were actually traveling around the city in a giant pack filling their little plastic water bottles with gasoline siphoned from cars using old bicycle tire tubes cut in half. And Sunday morning, a horde of them stuck their Lycra shorts in the top of those bottles, sneaked onto the highway and used their cyclist Molotov cocktails to firebomb a gasoline truck, and then disappeared onto local roads. The goal? To topple Saudi Arabia and install a puppet cyclist dictator who would jack up oil prices until all of us would be stuck riding Huffy mountain bikes to the mall for the rest of our lifetimes. That's what my sources tell me. Unless of course global warming was at fault.
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