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Not a lot is going on. I am working nights now and still riding some bikes. I logged into the STLBiking forums today and found that there were 21 pages of unread posts, I won't be reading all those. They are probably all from shill anyway. I did a google image search for 'shill' and found the image to the right, no pun intended. ***Spoilers*** You guys see the season finale to Heroes tonight? It was good too see 'Nathan' have a change of heart. Something else, that show is addictive. I had never seen it before this past weekend and found myself watching a marathon on the SciFi channel on Saturday. Lucky for me I didn't have to wait nearly as long as the folks who have been watching the entire season for a conclusion. Also and needless to say the chicks on that show are hot too. I have a feeling that the cheerleader girl is making faux ped's out of more than a handful of guys. By the way, faux ped is a term I coined. There is a huge difference between seeing a person walking down the street or on TV that is attractive and possibly underage and being a pedophile. Faux ped represents when people say or think a person is hot, sexy, attractive without taking age into consideration. It's not that one is a pedophile, just that you think the person is attractive. We all do it, especially guys, now we have a name for it. It's also a play on faux pas, which is "a violation of accepted, although unwritten, social rule".
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