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Damn, its already been three months. Thats nuts. Training has been going well, riding most everyday and all that. I will be racing soon methinks. The deadline for racing is the Webster Groves criterium, presented by The Hub. If I don't do it there, screw cycling and its tight ass clothing, I am joining a bowling league or maybe the Team Tony Danza softball squad. One thing that's for sure is that my new Co-Motion is pretty dope and it makes it easier to ride when you like your bike. Don't let their crappy website fool you, they make high quality rides. I can easily say that it is the fastest bike I have owned. Most notable is its stiff bottom bracket area and the cornering. Cornering at speed is great, it tracks through very well. As far as the fit, if you are ever in Izegem,BE go talk to Frans Vanmarcke he will set you straight. I didn't have any room to question his decisions, he fit the likes of Eddy Merckx, Axel Merckx, Tom Steels and Nico Mattan. Needless to say, it fits properly. Now watch this crap. [youtube]D3Lr70lwaVg[/youtube]
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