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From CyclingNews:
As one of the world's largest sporting events, the Tour de France boasts a huge impact and infrastructure. Here is a look at the numbers behind Le Grande Boucle: 4,500: accredited people (organization, teams, media, publicity caravan, service) 2,400: vehicles (including 200 vehicles in-race and 135 trucks in TV technical area at finish line) 725: staff in Tour race organization 1,300: hotel beds reserved each night for Tour race organization and teams 189: professional riders in the Tour Peloton (21 teams of nine riders) 280: team staff members 45: motorcycle patrolmen of the Garde R├ępublicaine 10: policemen of the Tour permanent task force 23,000: police officers along the Tour roadside for traffic control 1700: accredited journalists, photographers, TV cameramen, consultants and producers 185: countries with TV coverage of the Tour 51: countries with live TV coverage of the Tour 4,500,000,000: people will view the Tour de France worldwide on TV 3,200: hours of total TV coverage 12,000,000: roadside spectators (81% French / 19% other) 15,000,000: free gifts handed out during the Tour de France 34: stage cities
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