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I have installed the VMWare Server 2.0 Beta on my Xubuntu laptop and was pleasantly surprised to see that it installed without glitch. No more hacking to get it to install like on older versions. Once complete I attempted to run the 'vmware' command from the command line, it gave me the following message:
[zeusfaber@der-dieb vmware-server-distrib]$ vmware Try 'man vmware' for more information.
WTF?! After a bit of looking (here) at the VMWare forums I found that they have omitted the vmware server console. This sucks ... why would you want to trade a desktop app for a buggy and slow webclient? Not to mention I run this on my laptop not a server so whats the point of having an app (in this case tomcat) running in the background all the time? I cannot answer either of these questions so I uninstalled it and reinstalled 1.0.4 vmware server.

VMWare please bring back the server console and make the webclient optional!

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