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Ok, as you already know I have been rolling a MacBook with Ubuntu. Things at the beginning were fine but eventually things just got plain annoying. The keyboard changes were dumb and I am tired of other MacCrap that I have dealt with. I am sure it's fine while using OSX but I am hooked on linux. Last week I ordered it's replacement, a Lenovo T61. Needless to say, I am pretty stoked. This sort of thing (and other situations) has taught me to get what you want (within your means obviously) rather than whats easy or {insert reason}. Having exactly what you want is worth a bit more money, time or {insert valuable resource}. I will post info about the new machine when it arrives, hopefully before the weekend. If you are wanting to purchase a clean, use ready MacBook (Leopard installed) let me know I will be selling mine in the very near future.
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