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Ok ... so with all the hoopla (good or bad) regarding Zed in the RoR community it seems like a few folks will be creating an alternative to Mongrel. This seems like mostly personal issue and not an issue with mongrel/mongrel_cluster itself. However, what I have been thinking someone (possibly myself) should fork mongrel and make mongrel connect via AJP rather than proxy. This should improve performance and bring mongrel one step closer to a looking like a servlet container like Tomcat, Jetty or Resin. To that end, Resin can run PHP code, so maybe the way to go would be to take an already existing container and make it RoR compatible. Down the road maybe Rails will include its own container build in, Rails being both the framework and container. With yml configs and an all-in-one type of installation setting up deployments should be a breeze. At any rate there is certainly some work to be done to bring Rails to the same level that Java webapps now have. Anyone got any ideas?
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