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I haven't done a cycling related post in quite some time, so here it goes. The racing season is just a month or so away and I couldn't be less prepared. That's the way it feels anyway. My winter training has been much, much different than in the past. The last two winters I haven't done crap, and then was pretty much M.I.A. when the bulk of the racing starts. Mostly because of work and life and any excuse I can come up with to not ride my bike indoors. The trainer sucks ass. Late last season I downgraded to the 3s in hopes that I will be able to race again and by race I mean finish races. A two year hiatus does not help a whole lot if you are racing in the 1/2s. Prior to the last couple years I would spend big number of hours on the bike (15 to 25) and a couple hours a week in the weight room. This winter I have rode very little probably 3 to 5 hours a week, pretty minuscule. But on the other hand I have been hitting the gym a lot more than I ever have. I have certainly gotten physically stronger, arguably as strong as I have ever been, but without a doubt I am bit heavier and laking endurance. I have no idea if this training plan will work so I am a bit of a guinea pig for myself. I suppose we will see how things go at Froze Toes, hopefully my younger brother doesn't hurt me too bad. Once things get warmer I will head outside and get a few miles in. Hopefully my lift when its cold, ride when its warm training plan will at least keep me racing through August.
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