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Here is day two at the summit. Network Performance: 10GB Ethernet Mark Wagner
Performance of 10GB Ethernet in Red Hat Enterprise Linux, MRG, and virtualization environments.
Database Performance and Scaling Sanjay Rao
Optimizing database performance and scalability with Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
Making the Best of the Global File System Curtis Zinzilieta
Best practices and performance tuning guidance for users of Red Hat's Global File System.
GNU Compiler and GCC Update Tom Tromey Jason Merill
Recent enhancements to the GCC toolchain.
Introduction to Frysk Andrew Cagney
An introduction to the Frysk graphical debugger with real world examples.
At the 2:45 pm slot the GCC presentation was fairly short and I was able to check our Frysk as well. Red Hat Enterprise MRG Overview Carl Trieloff
This presentation provides an overview of the the three MRG components and what can be achieved with them.
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