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The RedHat folks decided to change the times of the seminars up and rather than at 1015 things started at 0900. Unbeknownst to me I was a little late to the first seminar. Dynamic Grid Computing With Red Hat Enterprise MRG & Amazon EC2 Bryan Che
Enterprises today are running more and more distributed applications and workloads and requiring additional computing power. However, they also increasingly need management flexibility and to cut down in their power and space usage. The recent rise of cloud-based infrastructure services like Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) helps address some of these issues, but there are challenges in adopting these types of services--particularly for grid or distributed applications. Red Hat Enterprise MRG is a new high performance distributed computing platform from Red Hat that integrates Messaging, Realtime Linux, and Grid technologies. MRG's grid scheduler includes the ability not only to submit jobs to local or remote grids in an enterprise's data center but to cloud-based infrastructure like Amazon EC2 as well. Whether enterprises are looking to add computing capacity on-the-fly to existing grids or to provision dynamically entirely new grids, Red Hat Enterprise MRG and Amazon EC2 offer tremendous flexibility and efficiency in addressing today's computing demands.
Understanding Application Memory Performance Ulrich Drepper
Introduction of ways to discover a program's memory performance.
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