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The last couple days I have been a bit distracted from the Erlang stuff I have been doing lately and ended up some how playing with Ruby and the SSH library. For running commands on a bunch of machines at once it would work really well. Here's some code I wrote and paraphrased from various sources.
require 'rubygems' require 'net/ssh' username="yourusername" hostnames=["node01","node02"] script="date;uptime;" hostnames.each {|hostname| Net::SSH.start( hostname, username ) do |session| session.open_channel do |channel| channel.on_data { |chan,output| puts "#{output.inspect}" } channel.on_extended_data { |chan,type,output| print output } channel.exec script end session.loop end }
This will run the commands contained in the script variable on the hosts in the hostnames array as the specified user. As it is currently it does not supply a password, so you'll need keys setup. Adding your password is pretty simple, just check out the API here.
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