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I decided to start a new project after the relative success and fun I had writing merle. This time I decided to do something a little more web-centric, a library for's awesomely complete API called fermal. While I doubt it will eventually support the entire API it will likely support a good portion of it. I recently made the commits and there is already some usable stuff in there. At the moment there is support for getting album info, artist info and using their tasteometer to compare tastes of two users. fermal uses's JSON format API and LShift's rfc4627 library to do the dirty work. Here is an example of its usage:
3> fermal:album_info("animal%20collective", "feels"). [[album, {name,"Feels"}, {artist,"Animal Collective"}, {id,"2050717"}, {mbid,"8a9ee208-3c9e-4fec-8f60-9a8b1db39960"}, {url,""}, {releasedate," 18 Oct 2005, 00:00"}, {listeners,"184794"}, {playcount,"3539880"}, {toptags,"\n "}]]
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