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co-motion I am happy to say after a short hiatus I am working and riding my bike again. I was recently hired on as a contractor at Cloudant and just finished my first week of work. Also I have been riding and working out. It feels good to be outdoors and loosing some of the weight I gained getting ready for the wedding and the move. For the bike nerds out there I figured I would post a photo for my rig. Also regarding bike stuff, I finally broke down and installed a brake on my fixie. There are some stupid steep hills here in Seattle and happen to like my knees and life thank you very much. :) Anywho, things are good here, Erin, the cats and I are doing well. While you are out playing on the internets go check out Dan Bischoff's photos from his volunteer work in Rwanda and photo's from Mike Lanyon and Erin Smith's trip to Egypt and Israel (you might have met them at the wedding).
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