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Working at Cloudant I use CouchDB on a daily basis. This evening for fun I decided to write some Ruby to take update notifications and push them into RabbitMQ. There are other examples of using the update notifications and Ruby in Couch such as the view updater out on the Couch wiki. It turned out super simple. There are a few AMQP libraries for Ruby, in this example I am going to use carrot.  It's based on the  amqp library without all the eventmachine stuff. So here it goes: couch_amqp.rb :
#!/usr/bin/ruby require 'rubygems' require 'carrot' def main queue = "couchdb" run = true couchq = Carrot.queue(:queue => queue) while run do notifications = gets if notifications == nil run = false else couchq.publish(notifications) end end end main
As you can tell we connect to a queue called "couchdb" on by default this is on localhost. Next we have a loop that continually runs and grabs updates from stdin. I then publish each notification to the queue and that's that. To get the messages out of the queue I used irb and carrot.
[user@host ~]$ irb irb(main):001:0> require 'rubygems' => true irb(main):002:0> require 'carrot' => true irb(main):003:0> couchq = Carrot.queue(:queue => "couchdb") => #<Carrot::AMQP::Queue:0x7f8d2284b640 <snip> irb(main):004:0> couchq.pop => "{\"type\":\"updated\",\"db\":\"test1\"}\n"
So yeah, pretty simple stuff. Go ahead relax! :) [EDIT 06/05/2009 2326 PST : Don't forget to add the entry to your local.ini]
[update_notification] couch_amqp=/PATH/TO/couch_amqp.rb
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