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This post was stolen from my original post on the Cloudant blog. Today we released two open source projects that have been in use internally at Cloudant for some time now, Gaff and Deckard. All of our infrastructure is in the cloud and as such we need a way for disperate systems to all request resources, this is where Gaff comes in. Gaff is a pubsub daemon for asynchronously talking to cloud APIs using AMQP. Currently it supports a subset of the Dynect (DNS), Slicehost and EC2 APIs and uses geemus' awesome fog Ruby library. The basic workflow for Gaff is to send JSON-RPC formated messages to an AMQP exchange with a routing key corresponding to the API you are talking to, you could be sending these messages from a web application or another service.  Each message gets routed to an API specific queue and is picked up by Gaff and turned into the appropriate API call, starting, stopping, modifying your servers on EC2 or elsewhere. We have a lot of CouchDB instances to keep tabs on to do this we wrote Deckard. Deckard is a HTTP check monitoring system based on CouchDB. Yo dawg! What better than to monitor CouchDB with CouchDB (and some Ruby)? Deckard supports basic HTTP content checks, email alerts, SMS alerts (via email) for on-call rotations, basic maintenance scheduling, replication latency alerts (between two Couches) and even has EC2 Elastic IP support for failover between two EC2 instances. Best of all since it's based on Couch you get an API for free, just PUT a doc in the HTTP checks database and you get a new HTTP check the next time Deckard runs. Checkout these and my other projects on GitHub and follow Cloudant and myself on Twitter.
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