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I left my job in September and I am about to start a new one in January. The last few months I’ve spent most of my time wrangling a toddler, riding bicycles and taking care of household chores and projects. Important work but not geared towards thinking about how a packet gets from place to place in a correct, fault-tolerant and performant way. With a few weeks to go I have given myself an assignment of doing some reading to hopefully learn something new, learn more about the tech my soon-to-be employer has built and generally get the juices flowing. A self-directed “warm up” before the “race” if you will. What follows is that list; some of this is a refresher course and some is purely curiosity. Other parts are to learn something about a self-preceived weak spot in my knowledge (ahem … notice all those MPLS links at the bottom). Wish me luck! We’ll see how far I get during nap time and between diapers.




BGP, routing, anycast


Performance, congestion, etc

Automation, configuration, verification and correctness

Monitoring and measurement

Load balacing


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